Teen Acne Treatment Using Natural Products

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Teen acne is a common issue faced by teenage these days and can be affected either on the face or parts of the body. Formed as skin inflammation and eruptions, teen acne usually occurs during adolescence and is thought to be caused due to the over-production of the hormone testosterone and natural oils in the body. Stress, unhealthy lifestyle along with various physical and genetic factors are also said to cause this skin disorder.

Though not life-threatening, teen acne can adversely affect the confidence and self-esteem of the person that may lead to enduring depression. With the intention of treating teen acne, there are numerous skin products available today that you can and cannot rely on. There are medications and intense treatments available for teen acne treatment; however, most people opt for natural products rather than these options owing to their safe and risk-free property. You can find a number of natural products in the form of face creams, soaps, lotions etc that are capable of fighting and curing the disorder without any side effects or complications. However, it is advised to get the consultation of your doctor before going on board with any therapy.

Some of the powerful ingredients that are integrated in natural herbal products in order to cure teen acne include the following: seabuckthorn oil, Aloe Vera, tea tree oil, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, zinc etc. Amongst them seabuckthorn oil contains mild analgesic property along with several natural anti-inflammatory agents and micronutrients that help in reducing scars, inflammation and swelling, thereby regulating the endocrine and immune system imbalances to soften the skin. Cleansing soap with seabuckthorn seed oil as active ingredient is one of the best natural product that are clinically proven to treat teen acne.

Some of the other safe and effective natural acne treatment products include Gardenia Fruit that helps in eliminating toxins and cooling of blood, Balsam Pear and Mustard Leaf that helps in relieving pain, Houttuynia that eliminates toxic heat, Dandelion that offers local anti-inflammatory property, Scierotium that helps in reducing the symptoms of acne, Root Extract of Glycyrrhiza inflata Batalin with antimicrobial property that helps in reducing the sebum output and so on. Seaweed extract is another active ingredient that is mostly included in natural acne treatment products owing to its capability of acting as antioxidant, while moisturizing the skin. There are even several other natural treatments available for teen acne treatment.

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