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Adults are also not free from the terrible hands of acne. Thus many of the adults still have to face the same embarrassment and shy they faced when they were teens. Some times they may be all new to acne during their adult hood. Adult acne is a not so rare problem and many adult from the age of thirties and forties especially women are suffering from this problem.  The reason behind the occurrence of adult acne is similar to acne which is basically a hormonal problem. So alterations in the hormone level can bring back acne at any stage in your life time.

Fluctuations in your hormone levels during adult hood may occur due to several factors. Bad diet is one of the most common factor, when you consume  refined carbohydrates and other processed foods your insulin level increases which contributes to the excess production of hormone androgen which in turn can stimulate oil glands to produce excess sebum thus giving way to acne. Also consuming non-organic meats and dairy products which contain large amount of residual hormones can contribute to acne especially in women as female hormones are very much sensitive.

Stress is also a major factor responsible for adult acne. As adults are much more prone to stress there can be rise in the steroid hormone cortisol during stress which stimulates the oil glands to produce excess oil thereby contributing to acne. usage of certain hormone containing medications like anabolic steroids, hormone therapies, birth control pills, anti-epileptic medicines, anti tuberculosis drugs and iodine containing drugs can thrive way for developing acne. Women’s normally have to face this problem because of the monthly hormonal imbalance they have to suffer during menstrual cycle. Usage of birth control pills can also be a big contributor for appearance of adult acne in women.

Hereditary factors can also contribute to acne in adulthood. If one of your parents have suffered from adult acne, it is possible that you too can have the same problem. Some may experience persistent acne which continues from your teen yours to adulthood and this may be an outcome of your hereditary factors. Certain cosmetic products can easily trigger adult acne. Always buy your cosmetic products which are specified as noncomedogenics. Try to use water based cosmetic products rather than oil based one because their usage can result in blockage of pores and can largely affect the hair follicles.

If you find your adult acne as persistent or severe it is always better to consult dermatologists. Dermatologists can identify the factors that trigger adult acne in you. There are several adult acne treatment medications available today. If your case is mild, trying natural mild acne soaps as your daily bathing soap can do a lot. Sea buckthorn oil based skin care products are highly efficient in avoiding free radical damage and in protecting our skin from damage done by human demodex parasite. There are efficient sea buckthorn oil based acne soaps and other skin care products available from a wellknown company named Facedoctor. These products are great remedies in treating your adult acne.

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