Avoid these Risk Factors and be Free of Acne

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There are several risk factors that you have to know about and to avoid to prevent acne from attacking you. By carefully avoiding such factors you can control your acne problems to a larger extent. Even though some among these risk factors are some thing that we cannot refrain and exists as a part of our life, there are some others which can be avoided if you are serious and committed in your self care for acne treatment. A perfect skin care regimen along with avoiding these risk factors can help any body to be free from the terrible hands of acne.

Food you eat has a major role in making you a victim of acne. You must avoid too much refined foods, spicy foods and oily foods as these may be factors which give way to acne in you. It is always goods to include plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables and fruit juices in your diet to prevent acne. Another major risk factor, especially for women is use of cosmetics which are comedogenic. These types of cosmetics can block your pores and eventually result in acne. So try only those labeled as non-comedogenic. Other major risk factors are today’s environmental pollution and lack of hygiene. To help your skin to get free of dirt and pollutants, always wash your face twice a day with a mild cleanser.

Most of the people believe that sun exposure is good for skin. But this is not true. Suns radiations can damage your skin a lot and can also make your skin prone to acne. Always use a sunscreen lotion when you are out particularly during the hour s of 10.00 am to 4.00 p.m. Next risk factor which contributes to acne is keeping your hands on your face. Your hands may be carrying lot of germs, dirt and oil, all of which will aggravate your acne problems. So keep your hand off the face. Also, if you have acne never try to pop the zits. even though these zits may look ugly and you want to remove it, this may be doing more damage to your skin as it give way to spreading up of infection and long term scarring , all of which can make your skin much more ugly.

Many people suffer from body acne problems because of wearing tight fitting clothes which block sweat and clog pores. Thus tight fitting cloth is a major risk factor, if you have body or back acne. So wear only loose clothes. All the above risk factors can be avoided if you have the attitude to do it. But there are certain other risk factors like puberty, menstruation, pregnancy, hereditary factors etc which exists as a part of your life and thus could not be avoided.  But self care and proper cleansing can help you a larger extent in controlling acne. Try only natural medicated acne soaps as daily soaps, which are mild for better acne treatment. You can attain such natural soaps which are sea buckthorn oil based from facedoctor which is a famous brand of natural skin care products.

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