How to Care the Hair Properly

Published on by Cory Thiarello

Hair Loss is an inevitable process, each day some hair will fall out and at the same time new hair replaces it. However if the hair droop more than normal shedding it means that you are suffering from certain hair problems. You have to care your hair more if you feel that your hair is becoming much thinner because it may lead you to a condition called alopecia areata which is much serious. There are many reasons for hair loss. Most of the people suffer from hair loss due to stress. Stress can cause mainly two types of hair loss. The more common type is called telogen effluvium which is not a serious hair loss, the hair stops growing and lies dormant for some and later it grows back within 6 to 9 months. The other type of stress-induced hair loss is known as alopecia areata, which I told earlier. To avoid such situations it is better to give much care for the hair.

How can you reduce the hair loss? Normal hair loss can be reduced by using a better shampoo and a conditioner. But while choosing never give importance to chemical products because such products will give you only immediate relief and you will think that it is better. But it is really very bad for the health of your hair. It is because of that experts usually recommend natural shampoos which are very safe and effective.  The ingredients in herbal shampoos are very capable to destroy the fungus which causes hair loss. One of the best ingredient dermatologists usually recommend is the Seabuckthorn oil as they have done many researches on it.

Other factors which cause hair loss are due to certain illness, hormonal changes, pregnancy, intake of birth control pills and Chemotherapy. If you suffer from a serious illness or a major surgery, you may suddenly lose a large amount of hair. This hair loss is related to the stress of the illness and is temporary. If the hair loss is caused as hormones are out of balance, it can be controlled by correcting the hormonal imbalance. Any kind of hair loss can be cured as different treatments are available depending on the type of hair loss. Sometime hair loss may be due to family, if any of your family suffers from it there is possibility for you to have it. So I think it is better to take protection earlier than treating after it attacks.

Seabuckthorn oil is the exact cure for any kind of hair problem because it has the power to destroy the bacteria that causes hair loss. It provides many vitamins and proteins which are needed for the proper growth of the hair as it is extracted from a special fruit called seabuckthorn. As Hair and Scalp Doctor Antibacterial Shampoo developed by Facedoctor is prepared from pure seabuckthorn oil it is better to use this shampoo for the overall protection of the hair. After applying the shampoo it is better to use a conditioner to make the hair soft and silky, if you use the same brand it will be much good for the hair. FaceDoctor also provide a natural conditioner which is found much effective for many of the users.

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