How to Get Rid of Body Acne using Natural Treatments

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Acne is a kind of skin disorder commonly seen on face. However there are many people who are suffering from body acne too. The common area where body acne is seen is neck, back and chest. Though it is not a great problem many are tensed as they can’t wear low neck dress and have to care their dressing to avoid the appearance of red pimples on body. If you are such a person you don’t have to worry, body acne can also be cured same as face acne, but there are some factors you have to care in mind to get rid of it completely. There are some acne home remedies that you can do from your home very easily. By reading this article you will have a self idea about what causes you acne and how to prevent it.

Do you know what actually causes acne on your body? Body acne is caused same as the reason of facial acne. But it appears as different as the skin on areas such as your back is different from the skin on your face. Skin is enclosed with tiny openings or pores that hold a tiny hair called follicle where sebaceous glands are located at the bottom of it and these glands produce an oily substance called sebum. When this sebum gets trapped, a thin layer is formed which plugs the follicles. Bacteria multiply in the follicle leading to infection or lesions which appear as acne. Other factors contributing acne are environmental factors, stress and hygiene. Moreover, tightly fitted clothes can also cause this problem because it rubs the sweat against your skin which leads to blemishes and spots.

In order to keep the skin clean, make a habit of showering regularly with a cleanser. It is better to choose a natural cleanser to avoid the side affect and to get better result. After showering apply moisturizer all over the body to avoid dryness. If your skin is oily, use oil free moisturizer.  Nowadays there are so many options of acne home remedies available that it is very hard for us to figure out which one is the best. Garlic is found to be the best home remedy as it works in two methods, either crush 2 or more cloves and apply to affected part two times a day or chew and swallow one or more clove of garlic every day. Another best acne remedy is oatmeal. You might be drinking oats every day, it is not only a diet it is also a beauty product, just cook cool and rub it over your clean skin. Aloe Vera herb is also a better remedy for acne cure.

The best acne home remedy that suits for any kind of skin is the amazing seabuckthorn oil. It is different from all other remedies as it has many benefits. It is extracted from a vital fruit seabuckthorn which is enriched with lot of vitamins and proteins. Thus it not only cure acne but also provide the skin extra glow and softness as it is a best moisturizer. If you are interested to use this oil just visit Facedoctor site as they developed many products using this vital oil.

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