Skin Care Tips during Pregnancy Period

Published on by Cory Thiarello

Pregnancy is a period which shows a sudden change in a women’s body. It is a time of wide changes in the hormones. Though some women may get a glow on the skin during this period, some will be attacked by skin problems like acne, melasma and stretch marks. But most of the women don’t care the skin by applying a cream during pregnancy as they are feared that it may cause certain side affect or may affect the children.  But it is just a false myth better natural creams will never cause any side affect, actually it is the time to care the skin because during pregnancy the skin becomes dry and are prone to the attack of acne. So you should understand and choose a natural acne treatment product that suits your skin.

Do you know why the skin is much prone to acne during pregnancy time? It is mainly due to the high levels of the female hormone progesterone. The condition will be much worse that you can’t face others. During pregnancy period what should I do to prevent the attack of skin problems? This is the question asked by most of the pregnant women. If you are wishing to keep your skin look always younger the first thing you have to do is give the skin proper care. Cleanse the face two times a day by using a better natural cleanser. Also use a moisturizing cream and a sunscreen lotion daily because the hormones are fluctuating more and thus there is great possibility for serious attack on the skin.

Many moisturizing products include sunscreen in their formula, and a combination product can save time and money; however, be careful as many of these products contain harmful and toxic ingredients. Try to use a natural formula containing the safe ingredients. The best ingredient which never cause any side affect is Seabuckthorn oil. It can be applied to any part of the body even for the children. It is the oil extracted from a special fruit seabuckthorn.

Another problem which is seen widely in pregnant women is the stretch mark. The best way to get your loose skin back to normal is by massaging your stomach with a better moisturizer which is free of chemicals. If you care your skin as I suggest it is sure that after pregnancy your skin will have no change and you will be having a young looking skin. One of the best creams available today is FaceDoctor Beauty cream because it is made from pure seabuckthorn oil and many other herbal ingredients. The peculiarity of it is it can act both as a sunscreen as well as a moisturizer. Use it daily and protect your skin from hazards.

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