Ways to Alleviate Teen Acne Suffering

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It is better to prevent the occurrence of teen acne than to eradicate it after it has surfaced. This article will help you in your fight against acne by providing you some very helpful advices.

One of the basic things to do to prevent teen acne is to wash the skin twice a day. You can use warm water and a mild cleanser for this. However, refrain from washing too much as it can lead to the production of more oil, which increases your acne suffering. Exfoliation is necessary to keep away acne, but be careful to use products that are gentle towards the skin as harsh products can inflict considerable damage to your skin worsening your acne.

It is also important to avoid alcohol usage to keep acne at bay. Usage of products, which contain excessive amount of common rubbing alcohol or isopropyl alcohol, can make your skin dry and flaky.  Every teenager will be tempted to squeeze or pick their blemishes. But, beware that your blemishes can end up in permanent scars if you are doing so as your letting the bacteria to travel deep into your skin. Also, remember that, whenever you are making contact with your face, you are allowing Propionibacterium acnes, the acne causing the bacteria, to enter into your pores.


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